Real or nah? ’22 Jump Street’ versus real-life universities

By Waldy Diez and Collin Brennan (USA Today College) – In the history of cinema, most sequels end up falling short. Especially when it comes to comedies. But that’s not the case with 22 Jump Street, which follows Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as agents trying to infiltrate the campus drug scene.

Despite the unlikely scenario of two near-30-year-olds going undercover as college students, the film does its best to depict the college lifestyle.

Here at USA TODAY College, we continue to break down what movies got right about the undergrad experience and what was a flat out “nah.



In 22 Jump Street, Channing Tatum’s character is caught spacing out during his first day of History 135 and is instantly bombarded with questions by the professor.

If you’re not careful, it’s a scenario you may find yourself in.

The first time you walk into a massive lecture and see hundreds of students, you may think you can just coast through the course. In many cases, you’re dead wrong — especially if you have a good professor who engages with his or her students.

Remember: you are paying a lot of money to sit in that lecture hall. So don’t waste it by dozing off or surfing on the Internet.



At one point in the film, Jonah Hill gets jostled on-stage at a poetry slam and is forced to create a poem on the fly. And let’s just say he’s no Maya Angelou.

Most big schools and universities with a major emphasis on the arts will have poetry slams. Artistic expression through venues and events can be a major part of the college experience.

You likely won’t see a poetry style quite like Jonah Hill’s (which is really no style at all), but chances are there is a poetry slam or variety show happening on your campus that is worth attending.


Jonah Hill’s character’s mom and dad visit for Parents’ Weekend, leading to one awkward moment after another.


Things take a turn for the worst when Jonah Hill realizes he has been dating his boss’ daughter.


Parents’ Weekend is inevitable — especially if you have a big family that enjoys wearing matching t-shirts on campus (because that’s totally never happened to us).

The best way to prepare for Parents’ Weekend is to accept the fact that your family is going to embarrass you. But fear not! You’re only one weekend removed from having your freedom and dignity restored.

Collin Brennan and Waldy Diez are summer 2015 USA TODAY interns.

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