Second phase of Newton Lake cleanup suspended

Originally from the Courier Post

COLLINGSWOOD – Plans to continue the Newton Lake cleanup have been suspended, says Camden County spokesman Dan Keashen.

This suggestion comes from Princeton Hydro, the company in charge of removing the algae from the lake. The company began the operation last month. 

“(Princeton Hydro) brought in a machine called a Truxor that went in and harvested the algae from the lake,” Keashen said.

The Truxor put the algae on barges that then brought it to trucks on shore. These trucks then transported the algae to an offsite parks department location.

Even though the Department of Environmental Protection granted Camden County officials a permit to employ Captain, a copper sulfate solution to stall the algae’s growth, Princeton Hydro suggests the county wait about a month “to make an assessment … and see if there is going to be a need for the algaecide,” Keashen says.

The permit is good for up to a year.

Keashen says the harvesting has been successful, and the county will continue to monitor the lake.

“The lake will be monitored daily,” Keashen said. “If we start to see exponential growth (of the algae), we’ll move the date up.”

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