Syracuse summer construction begins

By Emily Dick and Waldy Diez SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Summer construction season seems to plague Syracuse every year, and the Department of Public Works said this season is business as usual.

“We started planning fall of year prior, so this past fall we started evaluating and coming up with a proposed candidate list of streets to be worked on within the city of Syracuse,” First Deputy Commissioner Tom Simone said.

The evaluation process looks at everything from road and sidewalk condition to proper drainage, but most summer repairs call for repaving. Once the city has a list of evaluated streets, DPW selects the neediest.

“One way we do that is we have a rating system that our streets are rated in the city,” Simone said. “A 1-10 rating system. A 10 being excellent and a one being extremely poor condition.”

Right now, no Syracuse city street has been labeled a one, but there are twos and threes on Burt and West Colvin Streets. After the street is selected for maintenance, a DPW crew grinds up the pavement, adds a binding material, and paves the street.

“Through those various processes, it usually takes about a month from start to finish,” Simone said.

The city also uses the summer to finish ongoing projects. These projects are considered “carry-over” projects.

“This summer we are wrapping up our Connective Corridor, which is from [Syracuse] University to the heart of the city over by the warehouse,” Simone said.

The authorized budget for street repair projects increased this year from $842,000 to just over $1.1 million but it is projected to use $50,000 less than expected. Street repairs account for about 3% of the department’s budget.

Where are the construction zones?

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