Commuter Crossing: Commuting couples

CommuterCrossing-nameValentine’s Day is tomorrow and you may or may not have a significant other. Unfortunately, if you do, and you’re not going to spend the holiday with your loved one, it is a sacrifice you have to make if you are a commuting couple. If you try some of these ideas, it might make the time apart easier.

Talk about everyday life — Those boring everyday things you do, like having to dig out your car or something silly your sibling may have done, are actually important to your significant other. He or she wants to hear about all of the silly, daily things you do as much as you want to tell them to him or her.

Schedule Skype dates  It may seem cliché, but Skype dates make the distance bearable. It is nice seeing the person you love, even if for a few minutes. You could even Skype while doing homework. Sometimes, having the other person there, even if it’s only virtually, helps with concentration. Other times, he or she can be a distraction. Either way, you will always cherish those small video moments.

Write letters   Another cliché idea, but it is definitely very exciting when you unexpectedly receive a letter in the mail from your loved one. It’s timeless, and you can always reread them on a lonely day.

Surprises  Whether it is an unexpected visit, gift, or adorable card, your S.O. put a lot of thought and love into that surprise. He or she loves you and surprises are a great way to show it. The surprise always makes an adorable story to tell your friends.

Sometimes, it’s hard being in a long-distance relationship, but the days you get to see your S.O. are always so much better. So, be cliché, make hand-written, gooey love letters and plan an awesome IOU Valentine’s Day date.

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