America’s Only Hearing-Impaired College Makes NCAA Playoffs

Originally from WPG 1450 AM

For the first time in its 149 year history, one university’s football team is making the NCAA playoffs.

The undefeated, Gallaudet University Bison in Northeast Washington, won its first Eastern Collegiate Conference title and are now headed to the playoffs. Gallaudet, the nation’s only hearing-impaired college, competes against “hearing-capable athletes at other Division III schools.”

Video courtesy of WJLA ABC7 News

Head coach Chuck Goldstein says the team communicates with American Sign Language, or ASL. Goldstein has been the driving force behind the team, who had a mediocre program before his arrival at Gallaudet.

“We have been building this process for four years now; we’ve got some good players who have gone through the system, commit, and work hard,” said Goldstein.

“When we win we dance,” he continued. “We’ve been doing this for three years and this season we have been dancing more often than normal.”

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