Commuter Crossing: Make campus your second home

CommuterCrossing-nameCommuting has a negative connotation. A lot of commuters I know say they come to class and leave. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Here are four ways that can help you make Rowan your second home.

1. Get involved — The easiest way to make Rowan feel like home is to find a club or organization to join. You will find people who enjoy the same things as you. After spending enough time with these people, you will have friends you can hang out with on and off campus.

2. Set expectations — Living at home can be tough because there are still house rules to which you have to adhere. Talk to your family to see what the house rules are now that you are in college. It is also a good idea to set aside time for laundry and studying. Having certain rules cleared up can give you the illusion of you being able to do what you want.

3. Seek out resources — Do a little digging and you will be able to find commuter-specific events on campus. In fact, Rowan has a club dedicated completely to commuters — CAR: Commuters at Rowan. Commuter Week starts Monday, Nov. 18 and CAR has a variety of events catered specifically to commuters such as breakfast on the go.

4. Break your comfort zone — Talk to people in class and make friends. Make connections. These connections can be lunch or homework buddies, so when you’re having problems with an assignment or are lonely on campus, you’ll have somebody there to help you or keep you company.

Even though commuting makes it harder to have the ultimate “college experience,” it is still possible. I commute 40 minutes and have found a home and family at Rowan Radio. You don’t want to go through your college career with horse blinders on and miss out on everything. Get involved, make some friends, and campus can feel like home to you, too.

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