Commuter Crossing: the dreaded h-word – homework

CommuterCrossing-nameEvery college student needs to learn self-discipline and how to manage time. While scheduling time for classes, work and friends, you should also schedule time to do homework. Even though that may be a silly concept to grasp, scheduling time for homework is necessary.

If you’re finding yourself constantly behind in class assignments and papers, then you and many other students are in the same boat. Even though resident students can have a hard time doing homework, being a commuter makes it that much harder.

Residents have access to the campus library at later times because, even though many local libraries are open until 7 or 8 at night, commuter students are most likely at work and miss out on some quiet time at the library. If possible, take complete advantage of the Campbell Library in your downtime when on campus.

If you are unable to do homework while on campus, find a quiet spot at home to do homework. Try the dining area, den or lounge area. You want to cut out as many, if not all, distractions as possible. These include television programs, cell phones and, sometimes, even your family.

Don’t do homework in your bed. It’s cliché to say, but your bed is a place for you to rest. You shouldn’t attempt doing homework in your bed because you will be tempted to get super comfortable and lazy and you will not want to do any work.

I suggest making a homework playlist with songs that will keep you alert but aren’t so upbeat that you’re going to want to have a solo dance party. Listening to music helps me concentrate on my homework and block out the rest of the world.

Another trick that has worked for me in the past is doing homework with friends. Sit in a circle on the floor or around the room. Place all cell phones in the center. Each time somebody tries to get their phone, punish the friend by not letting them join in the next group activity for about 15 minutes. This works well because of FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Nobody wants to be the friend who misses something cool because they broke homework time.

Each person has a different schedule and workload. Find what works for you and stick to it.

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