Commuter Crossing: Making the perfect class schedule

CommuterCrossing-nameClass registration is upon us, and as a commuter student, a good schedule is everything. Beginning Monday, Oct. 14, seniors with 90 credits or more can register for classes on Student Self-Service Banner. Each week following, juniors, sophomores and freshmen can register for their classes.

A class schedule can make or break your year. You do not want everything jam-packed together, and you also do not want large breaks between classes. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t help either of these cases. Here are some helpful hints to creating the perfect schedule.

Meet with your adviser – While it may be a hassle to get an actual appointment with your adviser, I highly suggest meeting with him or her. Your adviser will guide you through what classes to take so you don’t end up taking something that will not count toward your graduation requirements.

Plan around your work schedule – If you work at nights, take morning and mid-afternoon classes and vice versa. If possible, try giving yourself off one day a week, like Monday or Friday. It will save you a trip to campus and you will have an extra day to do homework.

Manage time between classes – Try to schedule two to three classes a day. Any more than that is difficult (trust me, I’ve tried and it is very tiring). I also suggest only scheduling two classes in a row. Three in a row is manageable, but depending on where they are located, the transition can be a hassle.

Plan your last class near a parking lot – For the most part, this is completely possible. Business, communications and some liberal arts majors can park in Lot R and Y behind Bunce and Bozorth Halls. Education, engineering and science majors can park in Lots A, C, D and M-1.

Avoid night classes – Sometimes this is impossible, but by the time a 6:30 p.m. or 7:45 p.m. class ends, the ride home seems so much farther away.

These hints should help you create the best possible schedule to make your life easier.

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