Commuter Crossing: The RowanCard

CommuterCrossing-nameMost commuter students heavily rely on some sort of income so that they have money for gas, food and other fun activities. It is not always easy to carry cash around with you, and many businesses allow you to use either a debit or credit card. You do not have this luxury on campus, but Rowan does have an alternative — the RowanCard.

Your student ID card, otherwise known as the RowanCard, has a purpose similar to a debit card. You can load money onto it and then swipe the card to make a purchase. There are two options of adding money to your card, Dining Dollars and ’Boro Bucks. Dining Dollars are a cash equivalency that you can only use on campus and ’Boro Bucks are cash equivalency you can use on and off campus. Having ’Boro Bucks on your card is quick and convenient for commuters.

There are 13 new merchants that now accept ‘Boro Bucks in Glassboro including Pep Boys, ShopRite and Peking Buffet.

You’re probably thinking, “why would I use my RowanCard off campus when I can just use my debit or credit card?” The answer: to help your bank accounts. You do not have to worry about overdrafting your credit or debit card, and most merchants give you the remaining balance on your receipt, something you cannot get otherwise.

Personally, I love my RowanCard and use it all the time. I preloaded it with $500 before the semester started because I know I use it frequently. What you need on the card is up to personal preference. You can browse the complete list of vendors to decide what is best for you.

Next time you need a quick tuneup or have a hankering for Chinese food, you can make these purchases with your RowanCard.

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