Commuter Crossing: Basic items to successfully live out of your car

CommuterCrossing-nameFall is finally here, the weather is cooling down and we are all getting used to our class schedule. It is also the time of year where you start living out of your car, if you haven’t started already.

A commuter’s car will turn into one of his or her best friends, but it is important to keep only the essentials in your car so that it does not turn into a pigsty. After three years of commuting, here are the items that I deem important:

Car emergency kit – You never know what is going to happen, so it is good to be prepared. Most basic emergency kits include a first-aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight and batteries, gloves, hazard triangle, traffic safety vest and basic tools. Other kits may include extra items such as spare fuses, electrical tape and coolant hose repair kits. Find a kit that fits your needs.

Ice scraper and small broom – While snow is nowhere in the near future, it is still good to have these items around, preferably in a place that allows for easy access without dropping snow in your car. I suggest having an ice scraper and broom duo – they are a little longer than a traditional ice scraper but it saves you time and frustration when you only have to use one item. You should also have two ice scrapers in your car. Friends can be clumsy, step on one and break it.

Basic cold weather items – Be sure to have an extra blanket, hoodie, scarf, hat and pair of gloves in your car. The weather is always changing and you should always expect the unexpected.

Umbrella – Because, let’s face it — it is ALWAYS raining in Glassboro. Unless it is very windy, umbrellas are always handy, especially when you have electronics in your backpack. Try not to use an umbrella when it is too windy because it can invert and become dangerous.

These basic items will make living out of your car easier. You can add and get rid of items that you find necessary, like a plastic bag for trash.

For comments/questions about this story, email or tweet @thewhitonline.

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