Commuter Crossing: Greek life is possible

CommuterCrossing-nameWhen she’s not working one of her two jobs at The Little Gym of Swedesboro or La Esperanza, going to her journalism classes or performing in one of Rowan’s dance recitals, you can see Deanna Miller volunteering around the community with her Greek sisters of Theta Phi Alpha.

Miller, a junior and third-year commuter from Logan Township, pledged the sorority in the fall 2011 semester of her sophomore year. She went to Theta Phi Alpha’s “Girls’ Night Out” with one of her friends and decided she wanted to be part of that life.

“The girls I met showed me how much they loved being a part of Greek life, and it made me want to be [in it], too,” Miller said.

Since pledging, Miller has participated in various philanthropy events through her sorority such as Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity and the Ronald McDonald House. To Miller, Greek life is more than the letters and meeting people. It’s about helping others.

“It feels so good to give back to the community and see how much us helping people makes others feel good,” Miller said. “It warms my heart to put a smile on someone’s face and help them with any hardships they might have to face.”

Miller admits that sometimes it is difficult to commute and be part of Greek life because she misses impromptu campus events, but as a commuter, she says she can also show her sisters the places around South Jersey that they don’t know about.

Even when the going gets tough, Miller has no regrets about joining her sorority. She is just one of several members of Greek life that are able to juggle commuting, classes and two jobs.

“Greek life is probably one of the best decisions I have made while here at Rowan,” Miller said. “I actually feel a part of the community instead of just going to class then going right home. Greek life and commuting can get rough and conflict with other things you have going on, but if you love being a part of it enough, you’ll find the time to work it out. You get as much out of the lifestyle as you put in.”

Unfortunately, this will be my last article for the semester. I hope all of these tips and hints helped you this semester. I will be back again next semester to explore more into the life of a commuter student. Enjoy your summer and see you next year!

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