Commuter Crossing: Getting involved on campus

CommuterCrossing-nameSometimes being a commuter student leaves you with no time for extracurricular activities. However, due to scheduling mishaps, you might end up with a lot of free time between classes.

If you don’t have homework, instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs, you could get involved with a club. You might think you do not have the time to devote to a club because of how busy you are, but it is possible. As a three-year commuter student, I am heavily involved with the Rowan Radio station, as I am on my second year of the executive board.

It’s easier to get involved than you think. If you pay attention to the Rowan Announcers, there are numerous announcements about upcoming student organization meetings and events. Most clubs are more than happy to have a new member join.

Rowan University has a club specifically for commuters, CAR: Commuters at Rowan. The club meets twice a month and holds events in the daytime hours, unlike most clubs that hold their meetings at night, so that commuter students have a chance to get involved. CAR holds events like commuter breakfasts, group chats and just last week held a week-long commuter carnival. Occasionally the club also gives away free T-shirts and water bottles.

If you do not feel like committing to a club right away, try going to a few different meetings to test the waters. Most clubs have tables set up downstairs in the Student Center, and you could always talk to the club members to see what it’s all about.

Once you are involved and want to continue being a member, it’s easier to create a schedule around the club’s meeting schedule. Most clubs hold their meetings at the same time every month so you can make a schedule that best suits you.

Getting involved doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s a great way to meet new people and make great friends. Plus, clubs look great on a resume to show that you are a well-rounded student.

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