Commuter Crossing: Not-so-secret campus homework spots

CommuterCrossing-nameOnce spring break comes and goes, it seems like the semester flies by. You are probably knee-deep in homework and fighting your jobs not to schedule you for the days of your finals. In the meantime, it’s important to keep on top of all of your homework so you don’t fall behind in the last few weeks. In case you haven’t figured it out, here are some good places for commuter students to study since they don’t have an apartment to return to on campus:

Third and fourth floors of the library – This is a very common place for commuters and residents alike, but it is usually the quietest spot in the library to get work done, especially if you hide away in one of the side cubicles.

Student Center Pit – This is another common spot for commuters and residents, but it is a good spot for group projects. You can communicate with your group members without straining to hear their whispers like you would in the library.

Open lawn in front of Bozorth and Hawthorne – I feel this is a very underappreciated spot on campus. While the film students have a small monopoly on the lawn for their projects, it does not mean that you can’t sit on one of the benches or by a tree to do some homework. It provides the right amount of sun and shade to enjoy these warm spring days.

Barnes & Noble – Even though the bookstore isn’t right on campus itself, it is the perfect balance of quiet and ambient noise for individual work or group projects. Plus, there are coffee and snacks at the Starbucks.

Any grassy area – There are a bunch of grassy places around campus to settle down with your homework: the lawn behind Bunce, the area between the library and the freshman dorms, the gazebo, the front of Edgewood Park Apartments, etc. Just take your pick.

The amount of nooks and crannies Rowan has to offer is infinite. It just takes a little exploring. Eventually, you’ll have your own secret homework spot in no time.

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