Wellness with Waldy 2/27

Wellness with Waldy is a segment on my weekly radio show, Wednesdays 11 am-1 pm. The content on this blog does not reflect the views or opinions of Rowan University or Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM. 

We all know that tea is good for your body; it boosts your immune system, has antioxidants, and helps heal sore throats.  What you probably didn’t know is that tea also has other magical healing powers, that are especially helpful during this cold and flu season.

  • Tea brightens your eyes. You can help get rid of those under-eye bags with warm tea-bag compresses.  The astringents in the tea will constrict blood vessels making your eyes look less puffy by reducing the swelling.
  • Tea is good for your skin. If you have a burn, place a wet tea-bag on it to reduce bumps and swelling.  Tea contains tannin which will heal your injured skin.
  • Tea reduces bloating.  Hibiscus tea is a natural diuretic, and with all of those added bathroom trips, you’ll have a flatter tummy in no time.

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