Wellness with Waldy 2/20

Wellness with Waldy is a segment on my weekly radio show, Wednesdays 11 am-1 pm. The content on this blog does not reflect the views or opinions of Rowan University or Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM. 

Whoever heard of eating vegetables for dessert?  Desserts should be delicious, but nobody said they couldn’t be healthy for you, too! You can make pastries, sorbets, cakes, cookies, and more filled with veggies, and nobody will know the difference.  Chef Amanda Cohen, author of the vegetarian cookbook, Dirt Candy, tells how to make tasty, healthier treats.

  • Avocado: Mix avocado with melted chocolate to make pudding.  The healthy fats in the avocado will create a rich creaminess which you usually achieve with eggs, butter, and cream – unhealthy fats.
  • Eggplant: Cohen suggests mixing grilled eggplant with mascarpone and thyme for a sweet, smoky, herbal flavor.  This results in a high-filling fiber.
  • Beet: Instead of using a fruit compote, roast red beets until they are tender.  Mix it in a blender with a little bit of suger to make a puree.  Then you can spread the puree in between layers of a chocolate cake or use it as a frosting.

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