Commuter Crossing: Benefit of having a commuter food column


There are two types of commuter students: those who come to campus for classes, then leave, and those who come to campus for classes and engage in social activities. For those who stick around, there’s probably a good chance that food will be needed shortly.

There are plenty of fast food places and restaurants like Taco Bell, Wendy’s and McDonald’s that commuter students can go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  These places, along with other surrounding restaurants and stores, accept Boro Bucks, a cash equivalency that allows students to swipe their RowanCard like a debit card, on or off campus.

The RowanCard also has Dining Dollars, another cash equivalency that students can use at on-campus eateries like Profs’ Place, Jazzman’s and the cafes in Robinson and James Halls.

In addition to Boro Bucks, the RowanCard includes meal equivalencies when students purchase a meal plan.  Each mealtime offers a certain dollar amount per transaction that applies to a meal swipe.

Why should the lingering commuter student purchase a meal plan?  Convenience.  It’s so much more convenient paying up front for a 25- or 50-block meal plan.  The block plans are cheaper and allow students to swipe more than once per mealtime period as opposed to other meal plans that only allow one swipe per meal period.  The block plans come in handy, especially when students are on campus several hours a day, multiple times a week.

Here’s a simple break down: a 25-block is good for about two meal swipes a week, and a 50-block is good for about three meal swipes a week.  Each block plan includes $75 Dining Dollars and $100 Boro Bucks.

Even though the price of the meal plan seems scary for one lump sum, students end up saving money on food in the end.  With all of those saved dollars, commuters don’t have to worry as much about gas money  each week.

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